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Burrows Park Information


MYC and the Madison Parks Department have been partners in a boat storage system since the 1950s.  In the spring of 1975, our club moved our rail system from James Madison Park to Burrows Park. Membership grew and by 1978 more space was needed. When the Madison Parks Division offered to give us a rail from the old Hoover Boathouse at James Madison Park if we’d remove it, our problem was solved. A crew of volunteers armed with wrenches, crowbars and shovels removed it from the park (and the lake) and installed it at Burrows, increasing our capacity to about 31 boats.


Our club owns and maintains the rail and piers on land rented from the Madison Parks Department. We also take care of the landscaping (lawn mowing, trimming and plantings) on our side of the park. Our lease specifies the type of boats that can be stored on the rail and also provides that some spaces be made available to City residents.  In addition to our rent, our club and members like you, routinely make donations to the Burrows Park Fund at the Madison Parks Foundation.

Contract for Burrows Park Storage


Step 1: Complete a Burrows Park Storage Contract

Please print a contract and complete the form for the type of boat you wish to store.

Step 2: Mail your Contract

Send your completed Burrows Park Storage Contract to: 
Lon Schoor
337 Woodland Circle
Madison, WI   53704

Step 3: Pay your Storage Fee on-line 

The "Pay Fee" screen will provide a list of club fees.

On the "Pay Fee" screen, check the appropiate Burrows Park storage fee for your type of boat.

On the "Pay Fee" screen, go to "Proceed to Payment" to finish.  

Pay Fee
Alternatively, you may mail a check along with your completed contract. 


Contact MYC Storage Facility Administrator Lon Schoor at:   or   608-347-1480