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E Fleet Regatta Reports


ILYA Championship Regatta 2015 

ILYA Championship Regatta - Day3

Vincent Porter had the best day with 9 points for today's two races. 
Kevin Jewett moved up with his race win and only 10 points on the day.
Another terrific day of racing with good winds from the South. 8-15 mph and  somewhat gusty. First race was a little less than the next - as  people who did not have a forth scrambled to get them on before the start of the second race of the day.
Scores below were adjusted for redresses given I-49 as shown on the ILYA site here. 
Pos Sail Boat Skipper Yacht Club 1 2 3 4 5 Total
1 I- 9 Rooster Peter Strothman Geneva 8 1 5 1 10 25T
2 I- 1 White Heat Harry Melges Geneva 4 5 4 7 5 25T
3 KG-111 Freedom Kevin Jewett Kegonsa 17 3 2 8 1 31
4 I- 2 Wide Open Vincent Porter Geneva 5 16 3 5 3 32
5 M- 11 Meatballs Erik Bowers Minnetonka 7 9 6 4 11 37
6 V- 37 Wagon August Barkow Pewaukee 1 7 8 11 15 42
7 MA- 11 Loco Mocoso Peter Hurley Mantoloking 2 13 16 9 4 44
8 W- 41 Savannah Rose Wheeler Morris White Bear 9 24 15 6 14 68
9 M- 87 Port Approach Derek Packard Minnetonka 20 2 9 31 16 78
10 W- 9 Big Fresh Charlie Igo White Bear 18 23 12 14 18 85
11 I- 7 Fireball Thomas Freytag Geneva 15 21 20 29 7 92
12 T- 17 Hunter Chad Hillyer Toms River 17/RDG 33 1 23/ZFP 19 93
13 J- 80 Whiteaway Jon Schloesser Oshkosh 35 4 13 13 29 94
14 M- 10 Ballistic David Strothman Minnetonka 11 37 7 20 20 95
15 V-511 Glory Tobin Tornehl Pewaukee 10 12 54/DNF 15 8 99
16 I-101 Big Daddy Scott Ripkey Geneva 21 11 10 35/ZFP 25 102
17 W- 25 Euphoria Lee Alnes White Bear 3 34 22 23 24 106
18 M- 35 Crewzinn Hans Zinn Minnetonka 54/DNS 8 34 2 9 107
19 M- 9 Intrepid Tom Burton Minnetonka 13 29 18 16 34 110
20 M- 3 Stifler's Mom Chris Jewett Minnetonka 54/DNS 6 14 17 23 114T
21 M- 20 Iceburg Tim Krech Minnetonka 22 10 42 28 12 114T
22 M- 7 Lady Luck Jule Hannaford Minnetonka 24 38 21 10 21 114T
23 W- 66 Marvin Eddie Cox White Bear 14 17 11 41/ZFP 31 114T
24 H- 13 Wild Turkey Patrick Heaney Mendota 19 26 24 39 13 121
25 V- 15 Still Buzzinn Eric Good Pewaukee 6 30 19 44 26 125T
26 X- 20 Maash Pit Peter Maas Pine 16 19 32 25 33 125T
27 V- 23 KrEature PJ Feichtmeier Pewaukee 34 28 23 26 17 128
28 M- 17 Vertigo Jason Ostbye Minnetonka 12 15 36 36 30 129
29 V-170 Tito Chris Lieber Pewaukee 54/DNS 32 17 22 6 131
30 H- 7 Mirage Lon Schoor Mendota 54/DNS 14 38 21 22 149
31 X- 4 Windhover Elizabeth Harned Pine 30 27 40 34 27 158
32 I- 17 Shiva Andrew Fox Geneva 23 18 29 50 43 163
33 I- 49 Full Throttle Brian Porter Geneva 54/DNS 54/RDG 54/RDG 3 2 167T
34 H- 8 Gr8 Expect8ions Hugh Sugar Mendota 31 20 27 54/DNC 35 167T
35 M- 12 E = MC2 Jeff Solum Minnetonka 26 36 30 35 41 168
36 H- 11 Fulltilt Lance Puccio Mendota 27 48 31 32 37 175
37 J-555 Bikini Bottom Will Wyman Oshkosh 36 35 25 54/OCS 32 182
38 M- 8 Speed Buggy Terry Foster Minnetonka 54/DNS 40 26 27 36 183
39 M- 13 Filthy Oar Ian Solum Minnetonka 54/DNS 41 28 19 42 184
40 M- 4 Hare Amanda Swaggert Minnetonka 38 25 46 33 44 186
41 H- 88 CrazE Eights Phil Zalog Mendota 25 47 39 48 28 187
42 GL- 31 Osprey Jason Sutherland Grand Lake 28 22 44 43 54/DNF 191
43 J- 5 Last Mango Bill Wyman Oshkosh 37 44 35 41 38 195
44 J- 25 Dauntless Thomas Castle Oshkosh 39 31 33 40 54/DNF 197
45 I-333 Big Bad Wolf Frank A. Davenport Geneva 54/DNS 42 41 18 54/DNF 209
46 M- 43 Stay Thirsty Danielle Lindeman Minnetonka 32 46 45 37 54/DNF 214
47 I- 88 Cor Leonis Steven Lyon Geneva 40 45 47 47 39 218
48 I- 59 Willy T Christopher Impens Geneva 54/DNS 39 37 49 40 219
49 D- 44 White Lightning Shaun Sherry Delavan 33 54/DNF 54/DNC 38 46 225
50 I- 0 Skeleton Krew John Lyon Geneva 41 43 49 45 48 226
51 I- 13 Thumbs Up Robert Youngquist Geneva 54/DNS 50 43 42 45 234
52 I- 5 Untamed Paul Lyon Geneva 54/DNS 49 48 46 47 244
53 I- 71 Kenneth Wruk Geneva 29 54/DNF 54/DNF 54/DNC 54/DNC 245


ILYA Championship Regatta at Lake Geneva - Day 2

Two good races for Day-2. 7 to 16 mph from a heading of about 225 degrees - almost down the lake which gave a good course.
Peter Strothman won the first race and Chad Hillyer the second. However, Kevin Jewett had the best two race score for the day with 2nd and 3rd place finishes.
The RC showed that it is possible to get a second race off without a lot of waiting around - what a treat that was. Nice work RC. Both courses were W5.

Special Announcement from NCESA (September 21, 2014) 

Digital Reaches - Volume XI , Issue 22

Sail at the PYC with Jimmy Spithill as part of Bart's Bash on Sunday, September 21

You are invited to become a part of history! 

Bring your Opti to Pewaukee and sail with Jimmy Spithill, be part of Bart’s Bash fundraiser and world record attempt, then get his autograph and take your photo with this legendary sailor!  All ages are welcome.  Even if you don’t have an Opti or can’t sail, please join us for this once in a lifetime event and meet Jimmy afterwards.

Jimmy Spithill is the mystery guest at this year’s 49th E Scow Blue Chip at Pewaukee Yacht Club on September 18-21 and we want as many people as possible to participate in his visit.

His visit coincides with Bart’s Bash, a fundraiser in memory of Andrew “Bart” Simpson, who passed away during a tragic America’s Cup accident on May 9, 2013.  Sailors all around the world will be racing on Sunday, September 21st in a World Record attempt to help raise money for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation.  Donate here:

The Foundation’s mission is: “To transform the lives of young people through sailing. Everything we do is driven by our belief that all young people have the ability to excel - through sailing we provide opportunities to grow, achieve and inspire excellence.”

Jimmy Spithill is a signature participant in this special event and his participation will take place right here in Pewaukee and you have the opportunity to be part of this historic event.

There will be two Bart’s Bash races with Jimmy on Sunday, September 21st.

Bart’s Bash Event 1 as part of the E Blue Chip Race - morning

This will be the final race of the E Blue Chip regatta and will count both for the E Blue Chip and Bart’s Bash.  So, all E Scow Blue Chip sailors will also be part of Bart’s Bash and registered accordingly.

Bart’s Bash Event 2 for anyone/all ages with an Opti - approximately 12 noon

Special Opti race with Jimmy Spithill - all are invited to join us!

     - Yes, Jimmy will be sailing an Opti with you!

     - Yes, there will be an autograph signing and photo session after the race!

     - Even if you can’t race an Opti, please stop in and spectate!

     - Approximate start time is between 12 noon and 1:00 pm, subject to slight change, depending on when the E Blue Chip ends.

     - One short race as part of the Bart’s Bash Regatta and World Record attempt for largest regatta.

     - Everyone is invited to participate.  All ages, all lakes.  But, you must provide your own Opti.

     - Children and adults are welcome to sail together, separately, or have multiple children per boat.  Just keep it safe!

     - Autograph session following the race - Meet Jimmy, bring your gear for him to sign and snap your own photo for your scrapbook.

     - Lunch available for purchase and cash bar.  The famous Blue Chip Sandwiches will be reasonably priced.

     - Race is free, but please register ahead of time:

     - Consider making a donation by sponsoring Jimmy in this event:

     - Follow us on Statwack - an app for your team!  Get the free app or visit and search for “E Scow Blue Chip” then Follow Us to receive the latest news, updates and any schedule changes.

     - You can also visit

This is a worldwide event with key participation right here in the middle of scow country.  Please join us and help get Jimmy’s sponsorship level to the highest possible.  Let’s show the world what scows are all about!

Quick Reference Links:

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Download the free Statwack app and follow “E Scow Blue Chip” and you will be informed of all the latest news, race results and any last minute schedule changes.

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2014 Lake Geneva Spring E Regatta (May 17-18)

Mendota E fleet gets early jump on season

by John Rather

Six Mendota E boats got an early jump on the season May 17-18 as part of a strong 35 boat fleet at the Lake Geneva Spring E Regatta. For some, it was an opportunity to kick the tires on a new boat. For others, it was an opportunity to get ready for the season by matching up against some of the best E sailors in the game. For all, it was an invaluable way to tune-up for the season.

The regatta began with 3 back-to-back-to-back races on Saturday in a little chilly but otherwise ideal 8-12mph conditions. 3 straight races would’ve seemed like a long day had the race committee allowed so much as a bathroom break between races. The fleet got in 3 races and was still at the dock before 3pm! The shifty conditions and talented fleet made stringing together consistent finishes a high order. Lon and crew (H-7) managed a 4-4-9 to finish the day 3rd. Phil Zalog (H-8) put in a strong performance as well, with a 7th in the 3rd race. The fleet (including 2 Mendota boats) saw its share of tipovers in the puffy and shifty conditions, but there was nothing but smiles at the dock afterwards.

Sunday saw a bit warmer and breezier (10-18mph), with two more races. Lon slipped one place, finishing 4th overall in the very tough fleet. How tough? The top three boats included two Rolex Yachtsman of the Year and a boat with someone named Melges on it. Every Mendota boat saw its ups and downs on the scorecard throughout the weekend, but more important than the end-place was the experience each team acquired. Regattas like this are really the best way to accelerate a team’s learning, from the “college kids” in their new boat (ask them about the little mark on their bow) to more “seasoned” veterans. Up next—the start of the Mendota club racing season before the fleet heads to Indiana for the Wawasee E Scow Open! 

Full Results can be found here. There also was a photographer on course using a radio-control drone to take video. The result is a cool little video that really gives a sense of the action, which can be found here

See you on the water—John Rather, H-23

Day-1 Report

by Lon Schoor
A beautifull day of racing in Lake Geneva with 35 E-Scows on the line. Winds down the lake from the west at 5-15 with major shifts. Three 4 leg races – the downwind finish got the fleet off on the second race 5 minutes after the last boat finished – with a slightly longer 15 minute delay between the second and third race to scarf down on board lunches.

Leading it Chris Jewett (M-3) followed by Jeff Bonanni (T-73) and Lon Schoor (H-7). The shifty puff conditions made it hard to have consistently good races as boat might easily change positions by as much as 12 boats between marks.

In the first race it was Augie Barkow (V-37) a few boats up from the port end of the line. He was just a step ahead of the boats around him hitting the shifts and pulled away to round first – mostly working the left-middle side. He was followed by Chris Jewett (M-3), Vincent Porter (I-2) David Strothman (M-10), and Jeff Bonnani (T-73). Frank Davenport (I-303) was sixth.
Downwind saw Brian Porter start to make his move to eventually win the race, going from 12th to 7th, , then to 4th upwind, and then the win downwind! Mark Jordon (I-14) went from 8th at the first mark to 6th at the next upwind and on to 2nd at the finish. Chris Jewett (M-3) finished 3rd.

The second race was much like the first except it got much shiftier in the last quarter of the leg and Jeff Bonnani (T-73) solved the wind puzzle and rounded 1st. Steve Johanson (TO-33) 2nd, followed by Tim Krech (M-20), Jon Schloesser (J-80), Peter Jewett (I-9), and Chris Jewett (M-3).
This race saw some big position changes after the top 8-9 places. Brian Porter (I-49) went from 9th to 22nd at the finish – I think this included a 360 turn at the top mark. Augie Barkow moved up from a 10th to a 6th at the finish. Lon Schoor (H-7) had a good second beat and passed 6 boats and then a couple more downwind to finish 4th. Jon Schloesser (J-80) held his position through out the race, not easy in the wind conditions many were cursing at, to finish 5th. The winner was Steve Johanson (TO-33). Steve has been doing better each year and this may have been his first race win - at least at a regatta I have attended that I can remember (I'm sure someone is going to correct me on this - me with my foot in my mouth). I can attest to the fact that he has his boat moving fast as he rolled me on the first leg of that race on a port tack shortly after the start. Great job Steve!

In the third race I had a horrendous start and really don’t recall how or where the lead boat had success. But I did get a chance to see them as then came down wind into my view and Chris Jewett (M-3), Steve Johannson (TO-33), Phil Zalog (H-88), Peter Strothman (I-9) and Brian Porter (I-49) were leading. Peter Strothman (I-9) had a great downwind to move into the lead, Tim Kresh (M-20) did too and passed 4 boats to round next at the leeward pin. Other comebacks were Brett Hatton (SL-4) moving up 7 boats kn the second upwind leg . Lon Schoor (H-7) moved up 8 places late in the race. It ended with tight packs of boats finishing – Peter Strothman (I-9) won race three followed by Chris Jewett (M-3), David Strothman (M-10), Steve Johannson (TO-33), and Brian Porter (I-49).

Day-2 Report

After two days of absolutely perfect racing conditions, Chris Jewett (M-3) with his team of Harry Melges and Pat Hughes, win the 2014 Lake Geneva Spring Regatta with just 16 points. 
Chris going upwind in his new Melges E-Scow showing what winning trim looks like. I guess Harry must think looking around is more important than hiking - good thing Pat Hughes was doing more than his fair share! :) 

This years Geneva Spring regatta had a number of new faces - So exciting for the class to see the enthusiasm and excitement they are bringing to our fleet. It is no surprise to see seasoned E-Scow sailors the likes of Jewett, Barkow, Brian and Vincent Porter, Bonanni, and Strothman in the top of the standing. However, some new faces will be challenging them as the season progresses. Tim Krech and Ben Burgum partnered up to buy an E-Scow we'll know as M-20, Iceburg. A 7th place finish in their first E-Scow regatta is a statement. Tim is an ILYA Championship C-Scow sailor - welcome to the E-Fleet. 
Coye Harrett (SL-41) is a talented young sailor with tons of success in all the scow classes as crew and as skipper in the Melges17. His third place in race #4 says it all. Jake Erdman (WH-54) is another young sailor making a big move to a new Melges E-Scow from the MC Fleet. Jake is a winning MC sailor and surely will be repeating that success in the E-Scow as he gets more comfortable in the boat. Some White Bear sailors have partnered in an E-Scow that they will be racing on Minnetonka this summer - watch for Daniella Lindeman and Ryan Drake (M-101). They are both young sailors with successful racing backgrounds who I presume now live closer to Minnetonka and that is the reason for the lake switch.
Mendota has a couple of new boats this year that can claim the Geneva Spring Regatta to be their first E regatta. The "College Kids", former UW Sailing Team members, are Phil Morley, Brendan Boylan, and Andrew Fox (H-3, Shiva). They partnered in a boat and plan to attend many E-regattas this summer. This was their first time racing the E and showed some real promise in the third race to stay ahead of a majority of the boats, including some winning skippers - watch out Toby Sutherland (GL-7), Mark Jordan (I-14), Matt Peterson (V-27)! Erik Kerlow (H-73) bought a boat after he gained some experience last year in a boat he leased from the Mendota Yacht Club E-Fleet (That will be another article at a later date). Eric has a number of Wisconsin sailing team members crewing for him this summer. Eric is coming to the E-scow from a Tartan10, but he's also had some dingy experience. He will be a great addition to the fleet bringing some enthusiasm and new ideas to make the Mendota E-fleet even more fun - if that is even possible! 

Sunday's racing was much like Saturday except the wind was SW and a little stronger. Most boats took a couple of turns on their uppers and a turn or two on the lowers and maybe even dropped the mast a slight bit back. Pre-race radio chatter by the RC was saying puffs to 20, and that was enough to make some necessary tuning changes. Augie Barkow got off strong and with 720 pounds on the rail was driving fast upwind. Augie headed on port toward the point on the north shore and then hooked into a nice starboard slant into the the first mark. Vincent Porter (I-2) was next, followed by Coye Harrett (SL-41) Matt Peterson (V-27), David Strothman (M-10), Brian Porter (I-49), and Tim Krech (M-20). Most boats followed the south shoreline downwind and jibed near the lay line for the leeward mark. By the next upwind the deck had shuffled a little - Barkow kept the lead, Chris Jewett was second (he was 14th at the first mark), and Coye Harrett slipped past Vincent Porter who was followed by Brian Porter, John Dennis (M-42), and Peterson. Next was Ken Wruk (I-71) who came out of nowhere since he was mid twenties at the first mark. Barkow held the lead to the downwind finish, Harrett passed Jewett and they were followed by Vincent Porter, Dennis, Brian Porter, Wruk, and Peterson.

In the second race of the day the wind was less and so were the gusts, but still absolutely great racing conditions. The fleet took a long starboard off the line and were greeted with a nice south shore lift on port tack into the first mark. Wish I had thought of that! Barkow again led the way with Jewett, Peterson, Krech, Brian Porter, and Jeff Bonanni (T-73) in the chase. This time down the boats that jibed earlier faired better while some got stuck on the south shore and didn't have a good slant back to the leeward mark. Barkow and Peterson slipped back a little while Jewett, Brian Porter, Vincent Porter, and Mark Jordan (I-14) moved up. On the last downwind to the finish Jewett kept the lead followed by Brian Porter, Jordan (passing two boats), Krech (also passing two), Vincent Porter (losing two, but passing one), Peter Strothman (passing one), and Barkow (losing four). 

For the final results, Jewett expanded his points lead, Jeff Bonanni (T-73) dropped from second to fifth place (with last day finishes of 13 and 12), Lon Schoor (H-7) dropped one place to finish fourth (last day finishes of 9 and 13), and Barkow moved up to second (last day finishes of 1 and 7) and Brian Porter (last day finishes of 6 and 2) moved up to third place overall.