Bill Ward OCS Memorial Trophy

"The Big Fish"

This MYC trophy is to be awarded to the boat that completes a race, but was over the line at the start, and failed to restart according to the rules. The award will be based on the scoring results from the sailing season from Memorial Day to Labor Day. OCS is the official scoring designation for “On Course Side”.

Bill Ward, our PRO for many years, would have had to make this call, and it is appropriate that we remember him with a possession that he prized so much. It should be noted that he enjoyed deep sea fishing with all the tackle for the big catch, accompanied by his big, hearty laugh.

If more than one boat has the OCS scoring designation, the current recipient will make the selection for the next winner. If no boats are OCS, the trophy will remain with the previous winner until such time that someone else qualifies. In the event that more than one boat is OCS, every effort should be made to pass the trophy along to other fleets. No names will be engraved on the trophy. A voluntary signature card will be placed on the bottom of the trophy as a record.

To ensure the Big Fish’s return, a picture will be taken of the winner and their name will be recorded. The winner is responsible for the safe-keeping and return for the next presentation.

Bill Ward would be happy with this use of his big catch.

Jerry Simon, 9-26-2015