Mendota Yacht Club Windjammer's Trophy 1911

AFSP 18 1 Framed
AFSP 18 2 Framed

Official Number: AFSP 18

Awarded For: Stu Seffern Crewperson of the Year

Physical Description: Vintage copper loving cup with three pewter handles on wood base.

Deed/History: In honor of Stu Seffern, a reliable and enthusiastic crew on E and A-scows who died in a plane crash. Based on nominations from all fleets. Board decision.

Past Winners

2021 Zach Childs
Not Awarded--COVID 19
Max Watrous
2018 John Kilsdonk
2017 Neil Morton
2016 Bill Bock
2015 Robert Krebs
2014 Heidi Rosenbaum
2013 Joye Ebert
2012 Matthew Hempke
2011 Bryan Biehl
2010 Darby Sugar