W.L. Hanson Tanglefoot Award

AFSP 5 Framed

Official Number: AFSP 5

Awarded For: Most Spectacular Case of Bad Luck

Physical Description: Silver candy dish mounted on mahogany board

Deed/History: All fleets eligible. E-, A- and C-Scow sailor Bill Hanson donated this trophy to recognize the sailor who had the most colossal case of bad luck. Bill had his share of disasters over the years and figured this was a great way to remember some of the seasons biggest ones. Originally this might have been a pair of old sneakers but Bill and his wife Jane later donated a candy dish they received as a wedding present as the trophy. The trophy is to be presented with a detailed narrative explaining exactly what the winner did to deserve this honor. Board decision based on nominations from all fleets

Past Winners

2021 Jim Lord
Not Awarded--COVID 19
Paige Fitton
2018 Hoofers-Habanero
2017 Ron Curio
2016 Todd Tiefenthaler & Trey Sprinkman
2015 Joye Ebert
2014 Jon Gero & Nate Baertsch
2013 Julie Mills
2012 Jeff Russell & Don Anderson
2011 Dave Elsmo
2010 Bill & Mike Minardi
2009 Bruce Renwick
2008 Patrick Haney
2007 Drew Sprinkman
2006 Bill Minardi
2005 Not Awarded
2003 Carl Fritzner
2002 Don Anderson / Jeff Russell
2001 Grant Frautschi / Nadine Nassif
2000 Jeff Russell
1999 Lance Puccio
1998 Lon Schoor
1997 "Witchcraft" Team
1996 H1-Contentious
1995 USA 245-Atomic Dog
1994 H 111-Pursuit II
1993 22-Viva: Bill Minardi
1992 138 Amphigorey
1991 H 20-Afterburner
1990 H 101-Wld Thing
1989 "The Owens"
1988 Rothschild/Sheldon
1987 Tom Blaskey
1986 Greg Simon
1985 John Whiffen/John Varda
1984 Henkel/Ela/Strasser
1983 Doug Rahn
1982 John Bock