Marsh Krone

By Susan Stites

Marsh Krone, an active member and two-term Commodore of Mendota Yacht Club from the early 1970s to the early 1990s, has crossed the bar to join our other esteemed MYC Celestial Sailors.

Marsh was an active sailor who will be remembered for his enthusiasm and his constant smile. He began sailing with Mendota Yacht Club on an M-20 (#195) named Slainte Agus Soal, which translates from the Irish to Cheers, Health, and a Good Life to You. It wasn’t long before he moved up to the E Class, sailing on his boat Fetish (#H-9) for many years before taking a year off. When he returned, it was with a new boat, fittingly named Rebound (also #H-9). He was a fierce competitor, winning many series and season championships in his sailing tenure with MYC. His name is engraved on numerous perpetual MYC trophies.

Marsh’s eloquence and natural leadership skills made him the perfect person to guide Mendota Yacht Club in its transition from Conklin Park (now James Madison Park) to Burrows Park in the mid-1970s. This transition accompanied a major growth of boats in the club due to the additional space at Burrows. In 1973, MYC boasted 31 M-20 scows and 20 E Scows along with healthy C Scow and X Boat fleets. Marsh continued his MYC leadership as the Commodore for two years in 1977 and 1978. This puts him in a special class since only three members have served two terms as Commodore in the Club’s 84-year history.