Racing Rules Modifications

MYC 2021 COVID Response Plan

Mendota Yacht Club will follow all city, county and state COVID-19 guidelines and requirements applicable to sport and social organizations. Specifically, in response to Public Health Madison &Dane County Emergency Order #15, the Mendota Yacht Club has adopted the following rules and requirements for the 2021 Sailing Season, effective immediately. Where applicable to racing, these rules are considered changes to the Sailing Instructions. These rules are subject to change, if and when Public Health Madison & Dane County issues a new order or at the MYC Board’s discretion, upon written notice from the Board. MYC employees, contractors, Members, and guests using any MYC facilities or equipment are required to follow the following hygiene, cleaning, and protective measure policies:

Face Coverings:

1. MYC and all Participants shall follow face covering policy as stated at the Public Health Madison & Dane County current orders While Emergency Order #15 remains in effect:

a. Face coverings are required for people ages five and older when in any enclosed building with people you don’t live with, in line to enter any enclosed building, and while driving or riding in vehicle with people you don’t live with.

b Certain exceptions exist for fully vaccinated people (see the current order at the link above).

c. Face coverings are strongly recommended but not required in all other settings, including outdoors when it’s not possible to maintain six feet of physical distancing.


1. MYC and all Participants shall follow limits on gatherings as stated at the Dane Count current order: in Racing or Social Events:

Participating in Racing or Social Events

1. Distancing is required at all times between people who don’t live together except when actively participating in the sport.

2. Individuals are considered participating in the sport from the time they are setting up their sailing equipment to having taken down their sailing equipment.

3. Disinfecting product will be supplied on or near any MYC equipment or facilities (including rented social facilities) for use by any individual before interaction with any high touch surfaces. MYC encourages all members to bring their own disinfecting product in the event the product supplied by the club is no longer available.

4. Mendota Yacht Club hereby adopts and implements Public Health Madison & Dane County’s sports action plan for COVID-19 cases. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, MYC adopts the following specific measures in implementing the plan:

a. Communication Plan. Skippers of boats participating in racing are responsible for gathering contact information for all crew (if any) racing on their boat in MYC events.

b. Stay Home if Sick. Any MYC employee, contractor, Member or guest that actively has a fever or COVID symptoms is not allowed to participate in racing or attend a social event. MYC encourages all participants to obtain a COVID test after experiencing symptoms.

c. If a Member tests positive:

i. All individuals participating in racing will contact their boat’s Skipper (where applicable) upon receipt of a positive COVID test. The Skipper will request information on date of positive test and date of onset of any symptoms. Each Skipper will relay this information to their Fleet Captain. All Skippers (including single-hand sailors) are responsible for relaying their own positive COVID tests to their Fleet Captain. Fleet Captains shall relay this information to the Race Committee Chair.

ii. All individuals who attend a MYC social Gathering shall contact the Club’s Social Chair upon receipt of a positive COVID test.

iii. The Race Committee Chair, Fleet Captain, Skipper, and/or Social Chair (as Applicable) shall:

  1. Gather information related to the case to determine whether the individual participating in an MYC event during their infectious period (as defined in the Sports Action Plan).
  2. Identify individuals who had close contact (as defined in the Sports Action Plan) with the person who tested positive, both during the sporting activity and on sports-related transportation.
  3. Record this information on a close contact form and share with the Public Health Madison & Dane County case investigator.
  4. Communicate with individuals who meet the criteria of a close contact. These individuals need to quarantine immediately according to the guidance below. For confidentiality purposes, the individual who tested positive must not be identified in communications to the families, athletes, and employees.

Acknowledgement and Receipt:

1. MYC will use reasonable efforts to make these policies and guidelines widely available to the Membership, via email, web posting, and/or other means. This Plan will be posted in its entirety as a Racing Rule Modification on and will be referenced in any social event posting. Each Member or guest that participates in racing is responsible for understanding and complying with all Sailing Instructions provided by MYC, including this plan. By participating in racing or any MYC event during the 2021 Season, each participant acknowledges receipt of this plan.