Social Committee

The Social Committee plans and hosts all of the social events for the sailing season. This includes after race parties and specialty parties. There are an average of two parties per month during the sailing season. Ideally the social committee has a Chairperson and two to three committee members.

Social Committee Chairperson (1 position)

  • Early in the year, identifies social events that will occur throughout the sailing season.
  • Select dates and reserve venues. Some events are planned in conjunction with special races (such as the Payton Picnic)
  • Synchronize social calendar with racing calendar
  • Coordinate with Communications Chairperson to ensure announcement and marketing of events.

Social Committee Member (1-3 positions)

  • Assist social committee chairperson in planning the social year and reserving venues.
  • Keep an inventory of picnic supplies stored in the MYC storage shed
  • Post social calendar to website
  • Call venues and caterers to get price quotes
  • Follow through with caterers to ensure they arrive at the venue and set up on time
  • For each event: Obtain beverages, coolers with ice, and other equipment (for example, if a grill is needed)
  • Set up for an event
  • Clean up after an event
  • *Note: You can volunteer to help with just one or two events


If you would like to learn more about the social committee, contact either Linda Baumann at or Grant Frautschi at Both have held the position in the past and will be happy to answer your questions.

If you would like to apply for one of these positions, contact the board at