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Day 3 of Racing Brings High Winds and Excitement

The final day of the E-Scow regatta was the most exciting of the three days. With winds beginning at 15+ mph and building to a sustained 22+ mph throughout the day, there was plenty of fast and chaotic racing. Boat after boat capsized and, although there were supposed to be two races, the final race was cancelled due to high winds. Watch the excitement HERE. Although 4 boats can be seen capsizing in this video, a total of 8 capsized throughout the race. It was not racing for the faint of heart.Video Courtesy of Joyce Kupres.

A Fun, Mellow Evening at the BBQ Beach Party

July 10

Over 100 sailors converged on the Maple Bluff Beach Park to attend the BBQ Beach Party after a long day of racing. It was a gorgeous evening. People relaxed by the bar, ate food and drank smoothies from the Jakarta food cart, toasted marshmallows by the fire to make S'mores, and watched a gorgeous sunset.

IMG 4950 2
IMG 4955 2
IMG 4994 2
IMG 5200 2

Beach party goers enjoying the food, companionship, and the sunset. Photos courtesy Christine Keuler.

MYC Member Patrick Heaney Wins Race #2 of the E-Scow Regatta

Congratulations to MYC's very own Patrick Heaney for winning the 2nd race of the day. He sailed with crew Max Watrous and Justin Segersten. If you see them at tonight's BBQ picnic, be sure to congratulate them.

IMG 1644

Race #2 winners Justin Segersten, Patrick Heaney, and Max Watrous. Photo courtesy of Susan Stites.

Day #2 Brings Perfect Wind and Three Races

July 10

After a day of doldrums and no racing yesterday, today brought perfect conditions (modest temperatures, slightly overcast skies to tamp the heat, winds ranging from 5-12 mph) and three exciting races. Although the start of the first race resulted in a general recall, all three races were fiercely competitive with no single boat winning more than one race. Tahleel Mohieldin of News 3 covered the races. Watch her segment here.

A Picture Perfect Start. Photo courtesy of Deb Whitehorse.

A Picture Perfect Start

Day 2 Sailing. Photos courtesy of Deb Whitehorse.

Deb Whitehorse Day 2 Number 1
Deb Whitehorse Day 2 Number 2
Deb Whitehorse Day 2 Number 3

Day 2 Sailing. Photos courtesy of Christine Keuler.

Christine 1
Christine 2
Christine 4

What Sailors do when there is no Wind

July 9

With no wind to start the regatta, sailors found many other ways to pass the time. For more photos, see the complete Dead Wind Photo Gallery here.

Dead Wind Photos

Day #1 Brings Doldrums

July 9

The first day of the E-Scow Invitational Regatta wasn't what sailors had hoped for. Sailors waited patiently all day while reading books, chatting with fellow competitors, and playing volleyball, but entire day provided no wind or racing.

Debs Picture

A dead calm Lake Mendota. Photo courtesy of Deb Whitehorse

Regatta Featured in Wisconsin State Journal

July 9

Today's Wisconsin State Journal ran a great story on the E-Scow regatta. Check it out here.

Regatta Co-Chair Tim Sugar Interviewed by NBC15

July 9
Tim Sugar demonstrates the E-Scow to Colton Molesky of NBC 15 at Governor Nelson State Park. The racing starts today. Watch the interview here.
Photos courtesy of Don Sanford

Tim Sugar Interviewed by NBC 15

The Boats are Arriving

July 9
Photo courtesy of Brett Hulsey

Brett Hulsey the boats are coming

E-Invitational Regatta to get Local Media Coverage

Friday, July 9

Don Sanford, our regatta PR Chair, has arranged some excellent coverage of the E-Invitational regatta. If you are an early bird (or even if you’re not an early bird and have to set an alarm), turn your televisions on to view the coverage.

Taylor Lasenby of WISC-TV (CBS Channel 3) will do live shoots as follows:

  • 5:30 a.m. with Don Sanford
  • 6:00 a.m. with Tim Sugar
  • 6:30 a.m. with Tim Sugar or Don Sanford

Colton Molesky of WMTV (NBC Channel 15) will do live shoots as follows:

  • 6:17 a.m. with Tim Sugar
  • 6:30 a.m. with Tim Sugar or Don Sanford

Boats Arrive and Rig

It's a busy day when 43 boats converge on Governor Nelson Park in anticipation of a fun and successful three days of racing.

Tips for Being a Good Regatta Spectator

Thursday, July 8

Don Sanford has compiled a guide for how to be a good spectator during a regatta. Written with non-racers in mind, there is common-sense information for everyone, including people who know their way around the race course. Read it here.

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