The co-administrators of the website are looking for folks to do website work. Currently, the following positions are available.

Photographers (1-3 positions)

These folks would be spectators who are willing to take pictures of the racers and pass the photos along to MYC to post to the website. Photos need to be taken on the race course, so the volunteer would need access to a boat.

Website Gallery Administrator (1-2positions)

These volunteers would create and organize a gallery on the website. They would then collect and assemble photos from old MYC websites and the various MYC member dropboxes and place them in the gallery. The position would also collect photos from the various club photographers and post them to the gallery on the website.

Website Activities Administrator (1 position)

This person will coordinate with the Race and Social Committees to enter events into the website calendar, set up fees and billing codes for events, and maintain overall sign-up system.


To learn more about these positions or if you are interested in volunteering for one, contact Afan Ottenheimer or Susan Stites at, who are the website co-administrators.