Member Nominations

Each season, the Mendota Yacht Club presents several specialty trophies. The Board of Directors selects the recipients of these trophies at a regularly scheduled Board meeting following the annual meeting. The Board encourages--in fact, welcomes--nominations from the membership. Nominations can be made for any of the following awards.

1. The Betty Bamforth Yachtswoman of the Year -- Presented for an outstanding female sailor.

2. Mendota Yacht Club's Windjammer's Trophy 1911 -- Presented for crewperson of the year.

3. W.L. Hansen Tanglefoot Award -- Presented for the "Most Spectacular Case of Bad Luck" during the season, this award recognizes those times when things just don't go well in a big way.

4. Hi-C's Member of the Year (two trophies) -- Presented to a member who has given exceptional service to our club.

The nomination should include a brief paragraph providing some background and an explanation that supports your nomination. Nominations may be made anonymously. Nominations must be received by the club commodore prior to or at the Annual Business meeting. The Board will review nominations and select the recipient. Decisions of the Board are final.

You can make a nomination using any of the following methods:

Mail: Mendota Yacht Club, P.O. Box 2062, Madison, WI 53701


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