Stu Seffern

By Don Sanford

We recently became aware that our good friend, sailing competitor, and Board member Stu Seffern, and his long-time partner Debbie Loiselle, died when their single-engine plane crashed at the Joliet Regional Airport, near Chicago. Stu and Debbie were returning from a trip to Orlando, Fl.

Stu has been a member of MYC for decades, and a was regular crew member aboard Wildthing, Bill Shelton's E-Scow, H 101. Stu was always willing to share his opinions on sailboat racing, flying, motorcycles, ice boating, and local politics with us; we were happy to listen, because our take on things really mattered to him. Stu's interest in such activities not only showed his passion for life, but his selfless approach to such involvements showed his interest in, and again passion for, the lives of many in our community.

Stu recently accepted a position on our Club's Board of Directors, immediately providing substantial innovative ideas and input, which the Board will be taking into consideration as 2009 and beyond initiatives are addressed; he of course was also a magician when it came to tackling and resolving carpet condition challenges.

In 2006, Stu volunteered to organize our "celebrity gunners," local politicians who fired the harbor gun one hour before each race at the ILYA MC Invitational Regatta at Bishops Bay

Stu and Debbie were substantial boosters of our club; they were seemingly at every social event, appreciating conditions, race results, the company of all, also occasionally providing friendly 'water taxi' services to those stranded on land or anchored at sea.