The Computer Programs of Race Management

Here is a look at the four computer programs used by MYC to facilitate race management.

Sail Putz—Designed by Tim Stanton, Anma calls this program “Tim Stanton’s Excellent, Excellent Program.” This program helps us do the math to determine the most correct upwind mark, calculate the leg lengths for different fleets, helps us check in boats, helps us take times for finishes at the end of races. It can calculate the VMG for individual boats, has a race timer, and additional useful items for race committee.

Navionics—This is a GPS-centered program that helps to set the course. It is a free program so anyone on the race committee can download it on their phone or other device so they can practice using it and become familiar with it before trying it on the lake.

Buoy Zone—This is another GPS program but this one is specifically for race committee. This program is particularly useful when we have a 2 boat race committee system. The Buoy Zone is also a free program and can be downloaded. MYC has paid for the program, but Race Officer Assistants can use that license to communicate with the PRO. This way RC 2 can be directed via computer program where to move a mark for correction of course after a wind shift. It can also be handy if spectator boats had this program downloaded and communicated with RC1 their willingness to make course corrections. The program shows the desired new location for marks. It takes a little getting used to but it will eventually be a useful tool so that we can adjust for wind shifts. Currently with four fleets starting and only one RC boat, we are unable to make course corrections effectively. This program will allow two race committee boats to communicate effectively with each other regarding mark sets.

Sail Bot—This is an automatic timing sequencer and replaces the shotgun. Once the race committee inputs start time and number of fleets into the program, Sail Bot tells them when to put up and take down each flag for the four fleet starts. It can be modified to however many fleet starts we have.